3 simple storage tips for your holiday deco

Tidying away the holiday decorations you spent so much time putting out can take forever. With some simple tips and tricks you can pack them up in no time.
3 simple storage tips for your holiday deco
HÖFTA divider for drawer, 3 pack HÖFTA divider for drawer, 3 pack
1. Organize and protect fragile deco like baubles in a box with a lid. Create adjustable compartments with a drawer divider – just cut and slot together to suit your needs. Pieces of fabric provide extra protection for your most delicate things keeping them safe until next season.
FNISS waste bin FNISS waste bin
2. Avoid having to untangle a ball of wires next time you want to hang up the holiday lights. Just wind your lighting chain round a bucket (we used a waste bin). Use the space inside to keep fairy lights tangle-free with some tape in resealable plastic bags.
3. Put big and bulky in a box by storing awkward-shaped stuff like candelabras inside a roomy see-through container, so everything is easy to find. The wheels mean you can easily move it around even if it’s full. Use holiday throws and cushions as padding for storage and protection in one.
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